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Wave If You're Really There #05 (photo John O'Shea / 29Sunbeam)

Thank You!

07/12/09 News Live
by Doug Kerr

R YEAH. A truly magnificent evening on Saturday. Thank you all so much for attending, taking part, and making it what it was. Full photo and video footage will go up on the site soon, just give us a few days to bask in the warm glow More



02/12/09 News Live
by Doug Kerr

Tickets for this Saturday’s Wave If You’re Really There event are now completely sold out. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! If you managed to score some then read on for any information you might need More

Wave If You're Really There

Ticket Apocalypse

17/11/09 News Live
by Doug Kerr

No sooner have the tickets for Wave If You’re Really There #05 come back from the printers than we’re having to get ready to despatch the VAST majority straight to their eager owners. Get yours this week to avoid most likely disappointment More

Nathan Jones

Literary Death Match

03/11/09 Live
by Doug Kerr

Get along to the Old Queen’s Head in London tonight to catch our very own Nathan pit his verbal wits against a rosta of poets that includes our own best mate and collaborator extraordinaire Ross Sutherland, turned against us for one night only More



HERE WE GO. We’re finally able to announce the full details of the debut London leg of our highly-loved arts-music-poetry shebang Wave If You’re Really There, round 5: Marriage. It’s all in the new issue of Flatline which is now up for download here More