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07/12/09 Live
by Doug Kerr

We're all just back in the office today after three days on location at Shoreditch Church for the fifth installment of Wave If You're Really There on Saturday evening. We'll get a proper batch of photos and video up the site asap, but here's a few choice picks to keep you going.

If you made it, we hoped you had as much fun as we did – by far the strongest episode yet judging from some of the stunned expressions we saw. Special mention for the absolutely ELECTRIC atmosphere during John Smith's colossal and life-affirming performance.

And if you didn't make it? Well, as usual it's hard to describe exactly what went on, but trust us, you should be kicking yourself very hard. We'll work out when we can do another one soon, get yourself mail listed up so you can get first dibs on the video footage and the next announcement.