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02/12/09 Live
by Doug Kerr

There are now NO tickets left for this Saturday's show, neither will we have anything on the door. Very exciting for us, very miserable for the tardy amongst you. If you have missed out, then make sure you are on our mail list for first dibs on the edited video footage, and announcements of our next activities.

If you are coming, then heed the following bits of advice:


You're coming to see a marriage, so don't disappoint Nana; get your glad rags on and you might just catch the eye of a flirty bridesmaid or leery usher. Just don't outshine the bride.


Unsurprisingly, we won't be serving Jaegerbombs at the altar, and the church wine is off limits. So if you want to make a toast (or several), then you can bring your own booze to get you through. Please try and keep the church tidy and use the bins provided.

Times & Last Entry:

The church doors open at 7pm, soundtracked by Markus Soukup. You need to be in the venue by 8pm, when the bell will ring and our service will begin. The last act will be finished by half 11, leaving you plenty of time to dance off into the night wherever (and with whomever) you fancy.


The venue address is St Leonard's, Shoreditch High Street, LONDON E1 6NJ
If you need any additional information about the show, then email me on doug@mercyonline.co.uk. Alternatively, for last minute information on the day, call 07903738219.