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21/05/10 Agency
by Doug Kerr

Blurry eyes and sore heads ahoy! We've spent a solid couple of days filling out the What we've done section of this site with all of our 2010 projects to date, and updated all of the existing entries too. New things to look out for:

The Shipping Forecast
We've been very excited to work on the creative direction of a new food and music venue in Liverpool these last couple of months – in conjunction with Fiveeightzero and Chibuku. It marks our first commercial foray into the world of interior design, and certainly the first commission where we've been able to utilise every aspect of the Mercy machine: as well as designing the identity and all print & digitial promotion, we've directed the copy tone of voice, worked on the management of the social networks, commissioned digital and physical artworks to go on display in the venue and of course we've had our mucky handprints all over the actual look of the place inside. Later in the year we will establish a live presence there also. It all opened last Wednesday, so make it your business to call in for an ale and a hearty bit of grub.

Wave If You're Really There #05 and #06
Our first two sojourns to London with the WIYRT package have been the most enjoyable live shows we've ever delivered. Sam Meech has put together a couple of videos showing what the lucky 1,000 attendees were all raving about. (photos from these shows will go live on the page this weekend).

John Smith 'The Fox And The Monk'
Following on from the artwork we produced for John's current album 'Map or Direction', he asked us to come up with something for the re-issue of his first. We produced a slip case for the original album, with a brand new illustration on the outer cover.

Mercy Magazine
Believe it or not, we've never gotten around to adding where it all started for us on this website. That is no longer tthe case though; spreads and covers from the fanzine that spawned all of this lark are now up.

There's plenty more where that came from, and like we say the older entries have all been updated too, so give yourself a half hour off and whittle through it all. We promise not to be so shabby with updates in the future!