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Mercy present at TAXED, A-Foundation, Liverpool

13/11/09 News
by Nathan Jones

This evening I’ll be doing a short presentation at the ’slide slam’ at A-Foundation in Liverpool.  Hopefully I will say at least one interesting thing, and maybe raise a chuckle More

Mercy and FACT mentors

Mercy and FACT mentors for the next generation of zinesters!

On Thursday afternoon we’re starting our three month zine mentoring project for a group of creatively-savvy young people on FACT’s Freehand programme More

Neutral Spine

04/11/09 Friends
by Emma Hammond

Just so I can stop thinking about it. It is actually boring now I say. I think I even mean it. Errata say that she definitely didn’t lose her virginity when she was 9 in the treehouse, he just put it in. That doesn’t count does it? We disagree and agree all at once. Since then, since before I think. In a clammy old garage I looked up in the sky and whispered to him: Hello boy I say, I wonder where.. More

Nathan Jones

Literary Death Match

03/11/09 Live
by Doug Kerr

Get along to the Old Queen’s Head in London tonight to catch our very own Nathan pit his verbal wits against a rosta of poets that includes our own best mate and collaborator extraordinaire Ross Sutherland, turned against us for one night only More

Smiffy follow-up

If you enjoyed the interview with John Smith we featured last month then you may be pleased to note that several more videos of the folk guitarist and singer - performing tracks from his second album, Map Or Direction - have recently appeared online More