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Mercy present at TAXED, A-Foundation, Liverpool

13/11/09 News
by Nathan Jones

This evening I'll be doing a short presentation at the 'slide slam' at A Foundation in Liverpool.  Hopefully I will say at least one interesting thing, and maybe raise a chuckle. This is the billing:

  • "Our final Taxed event to round off 2009, The Grandest Slide Slam of Them All (taxed off Art in General) will take place exactly 10 months after we started the TAXED series with exactly the same event (kind-of). This time we call for presentations and information sharing not just from artists but from all kinds of creative practitioners, curators and organisers. We would like to know what artwork, exhibitions, shows and artists etc you look at for inspiration, research or enjoyment. What art makes you tick?"

I think that I will be talking about how great collaborating across disciplines is at helping you deal with the terrible silences that happen when you haven't written anything good for ages.  I'll show an example of a piece of work I made with Scott Spencer, which was basically a combination of a couple of our ideas that we'd thrown on the scrap heap.  The resulting collaborative work got us both to reframe our original ideas, and gave us a timescale to work to, that helped me particularly drag myself out of the existential worries of not being able to write good poems anymore.  Also, we ended up with a couple of pretty nifty prints (which will be up in the Mercy shop soon!).

Although I might speak about different kinds of poo. I haven't decided yet.