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Syndrome First Outcomes

28/05/14 Live
by Nathan Jones

Sam Skinner is making mini-documentaries about each phase of Syndrome.

Below are the first three of these films, and a short description of each element of the project.  For a summart of the project at its inception, you can go here

Art in Liverpool were also kind enough to publish an interview with Mercy's partners Hive at the begining of the project, which you can read here

featuring Hannah Siva and Simon Jones / Mark Greenwood, Nathan Jones and The Nodes / The Hive Collective
26th April, 24 Kitchen Street

Me_asurement by Tom Schofield and John Bowers

"brings together 21st century face recognition and measurement techniques with 19th century writings on physiognomy, the attempt to read mental ‘faculties’ from an analysis of the face, much like phrenology analyses the overall shape of the skull."[co-commission with The Double Negative]

QWOP Dance by Antonio Roberts with Rachel Sweeney, and music by Alextronic

"Glitch artist Antonio Roberts presents a new aspect to his work exploring error, working in tandem with butoh inflected dance performed by Rachel Sweeney. Computer interface, digital image, human body and choreography are drawn into beautiful maelstrom of system error. The public are invited to join in and excert their own influence over this unwieldy system for control."