What we are up to

introducing SYNDROME

14/03/14 Workshops
by Nathan Jones

SYNDROME is a lab and events programme for Liverpool in 2014/15 by Mercy, in partnership with Hive, exploring interaction and affect in new media performance. 

Syndrome includes residencies, performances, events and talks using the intersection of interaction and affect to explore opportunities for new breeds of performance practice – and newly affective art experiences.

The programme is supported by a Grants for the Arts from Arts Council England, and Liverpool City Council ACIP grant. Praise be to them.

The Dome @ Kitchen Street resource looks at how new digital interfaces, broadcast and playback tools, automations, interactive and interchangeable technologies, all newly affordable and in theory available to emerging artists and performers, can be offered up as tools for experimentation and meaning making by a range of performers.

The Syndrome Sessions invites artists, performers and musicians to illustrate the range of approaches to producing affective, sensational and sensuous experiences with new media and performance practice.  The sessions will take place both in The Drome, and with our institutional partners FACT.

Syndrome Residencies offer the opportunity for excellent practitioners to extend their practices into new contexts, environments and disciplines.  We do this by offering space, time, equipment and technical expertise.  The central aim of producing great new work is complemented by our hope that resident artists will influence and affect the way The Drome works, and how our core collaborative work emerges.  Residencies take place over 5-10 days in the Drome, and include work from coders, performance and musicians.

Accompanying online, public realm and engagement programmes will extend these strands into the fabric of the city and wider arts discourse.

Syndrome is located in and around the development of a new collaborative performance work by the creative teams at Hive and Mercy. Both known for their works in electronic music and av, and experimental literature, respectively, Mercy and Hive’s performance will unfold as experiments and interjections in the Syndrome programme throughout the year, constructing and growing a uniquely affecting and sensational new media and language work for immersive environments – responding explicitly to audience reactions to the rest of the programme.


A launch event is planned for 26th April, featuring new work by Nathan Jones and Mark Greenwood, Hive, and our first resident artist Hannah Silva.

Syndrome will also present a large new interactive work by Antonio Roberts and dancer Rachael Sweeney in Ropewalks Square at FACT as part of Light Night 2014, on 16th May.