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Portfolio Updated

21/09/11 Agency
by Doug Kerr

It's been another mad and ever-progressing 6 months at Mercy Towers, so we've found ourselves some very rare free time to update the portfolio and keep you updated on our output.

We continue to art direct the whole visual presence of lifestyle retailers Pedlars, for whom we have produced a couple of bits of indulgent print (in the form of foil-blocked Vintage certificates and letterpressed product tags) and a revision on last year's new catalogue design (less shop window, more editorial). We're just about to begin their Christmas schedule, so expect us to be sick of tinsel by Halloween.

We've been working in tandem with new friends Textbook Studio (whose very existence has inspired our current intern project) to deliver a brand new sports magazine, Spiel. The logo is the result of some great work from Matt Mercy, who then oversaw the production of guidelines and style sheets for the guys at Textbook to design all future mags from.

Also in the update is the rest of the Wombats singles we've been working on, some new music packaging, and the year-in-the-making catalogue of the ace Janek Schaefer retrospective that was at the Bluecoat last year. Plus some other bits and bobs.

Arts-wise, we've got photos from Sam Skinner's excellent work on the Escaped Zoo project that we installed in Liverpool city centre earlier this year, and also documentary and print from our contribution to the Liverpool Embassy event in London.