Sam Skinner


Sam Skinner


The Escaped Zoo frontage, by Sam Skinner


Sam is the go-to man for wall-working and large-scale illustrative stuff. He's contributed some really excellent work to our design wing and our arts portfolio.

He has worked variously as an animator and mural painter on promos for amongst others The Coral, The Go! Team, Arctic Monkeys, and brands including Ford and Brahma Beer. This has given him the ability to get by on little sleep and get paint on his clothes.

Alongside his work as a paint pusher he also works as a pen pusher, managing arts venues and projects. At View Two Gallery in Liverpool he co-ordinated over 20 exhibitions and 100 gigs and events, as venue manager of The Basement in Brighton he managed Anish Kapoor’s Imagined Monochrome installation for the Brighton Festival and he worked as a co-ordinator at The British Museum on projects including A History of the World in 100 Objects.

This spring and summer he's moving to Berlin where he will be expressing his mania for the written word and typography, via a 20,000 word dissertation and drawing and painting on things… and who knows what else.  Perhaps we will never see him again, but it was love while it lasted.


I love Mercy because they can do everything, from events to websites, poetry to promo, and they do it with verve and gusto, style and substance. They are unafraid to stick their neck out and fearlessly promote and support new talent, challenging artist and audience alike. They control the means of production - but in a good way.