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And another thing...

by Nick Holloway

Ooer, here's some other things I should have mentioned earlier. Credit where credit is due: Line And A Dot (AKA Sarah Titmuss) is the brain behind the Ross Sutherland video I posted about a week ago. She does a delicate line in indie pop as well as making them vids, so be sure to stop by her Myspace page.

Also a warm Mercy welcome to Richie Pen, a man who spends his days sloping round with his dog and being sidled up to by strangers. Dog Days (below) is the first of many contributions Mr Pen will be making to this blog. Stick with him, it's cold out there. And his dog is too cute.


  1. I’ve added a box to the right-hand column that will let you become a ’follower’. It’s looking a little sparse so get your mug in there quick!

  2. Nick!! I have a blog..i would like to subscribe to this blog and so on my dashboard it tells me new things on here when i log in there....how does one do such a thing? i click on the subscribe to: link and it takes me to a world of weird.