Ross Sutherland


Ross Sutherland




A creative powerhouse at the centre of the Mercy juggernaught. Writer of some of our best-loved articles and poems, the backbone and cerebellum for our more recent shows with his unique brand of hyper-intellectual, ultra-slick, poetry and stand-up pieces...

Simply one of the most versatile and ambitious creatives we have encountered. Check his website to stay up to date on his rampant career, encompassing screen-writing, film, theatre, stand-up and an a hugely influential poetry output.



I've worked alongside Mercy since the start of my career as a writer. From 2003 to 2006, we ran Fiction@FACT together, a monthly poetry evening at the FACT centre in Liverpool. It was here that we first began to experiment with new ways of presenting poetry. Mercy's network of artists led to collaborations with photographers, animators, designers and musicians. Our resident poets found new innovative ways to present their work in a live setting; a fake séance, a pub quiz, ‘exquisite corpse' poems written in collaboration with the audience, and many other things that I fear would look ridiculous on paper but were great fun to do on stage. Much of the work that I produced in this period was collected in my 2009 book, Things To Do Before You Leave Town. The artwork for which, I think, is another triumph of Mercy's.

Mercy's recent live shows are the most daring projects I have ever worked on. The success of these events is down to the quality and professionalism of the entire network. No matter how ambitious the project, I have always faith that Mercy will pull it off!,The audience shares this sense of faith, which is why I think the whole thing works. All of us are pushed further by their ambition and their support.

Most recently, Mercy commissioned the title film for my first one man show, The Three Stigmata of Pacman. Having completed a successful month-long run in London, the show is now transferring to the Edinburgh Fringe in