Issue 002

Now I'm talking here / Page 4

3 Haikus

Author: Peter O'Halligan
Illustrator: Si Scott

Love can be like this:
crossing a bridge of chopsticks,
eight bees in August.

Abandoned silkworm,
now the kimonos are made,
where will you go to?

Rice-paper sea,
an island of ink,
my life's black boat.

Peter O'Halligan is a former sailor, a poet and thinker, and one of the unsung heroes of Liverpool's many cultural renaissances. In 1974, he founded the Liverpool School of Language, Music, Dream and Pun, based on Jung's dream vision of Liverpool. He is currently working with haiku and calligraphy. Si Scott is a highly-sought-after illustrator and typographer with a beautifully-crafted hand-inked style, and represents a major coup for Mercy. He has a prestigious client list including the likes of Nike, Guinness, MTV and Tiffany and Co, and he is co-owner of Paper Scissor Stone.

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