Issue 005

It's hard to put into words / Page 8

Sudden Riches

Author: Sam Riviere

Once with Jake before you knew you'd been spiked
And the city centre went totally Arabian Nights
You wandered all down riverside to find
A spot to smoke, and slowed to a stop below
A bright apartment window, where a girl
Nude to the waist was blow-drying her hair,
Eyes half-closed, her face, like someone driving,
Associating nothing, and your head was threaded
With the same thoughtless glimmer as the light
From her apartment made its web across the river
And the glass between you must have rippled
With her boredom, you felt the place around you
Flush with sudden riches, what made that beating
If not unseen city birds, and if not me who
Heard you say, I think I'm feeling something


Sam co-edits the anthology series Stop Sharpening Your Knives with this month's poetry guru Jack Underwood, he is currently working towards a PhD at the University of East Anglia. He was a recipient of a 2009 Eric Gregory Award

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