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Video Games: A Cultural History - #3 Choice And Identity In 'Blue's Journey'

by Tim Clare

Here, Blue, a tiny eco-warrior on a quest to save his homeland, enters a house and encounters a fellow pixie: More

Video Games: A Cultural History - #2 Wonderboy Solves The Riddle Of The Sphinx

by Tim Clare

Here, in search of riches, ’Wonderboy’ must set aside his blade and instead rely solely on his wits to solve the world’s most ancient puzzle - the Riddle of the Sphinx More

Video Games: A Cultural History - #1 Wonderboy In Monster Land

by Tim Clare

After over three decades of ignorance and indifference, cultural commentators are finally beginning to recognise the video game as a serious art form on a par with dance, sculpture, and haberdashery. Over the following weeks, months, and, yes, years - for, dear reader, this is no picayune undertaking we embark upon together - I hope to play some small part in coaxing the cattle of scholarly endeavour.. More