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Video Games: A Cultural History - #2 Wonderboy Solves The Riddle Of The Sphinx

by Tim Clare

Here, in search of riches, 'Wonderboy' must set aside his blade and instead rely solely on his wits to solve the world's most ancient puzzle - the Riddle of the Sphinx.


  1. It’s theoretically multiple choice. The ’finger’ can point to one of three spots. If you move to beneath ’pizza’, that’s considered right and SPHINX yields to your superior knowledge. I have no idea why this answer is considered correct, but then, that’s why it’s one of the most enduring mysteries of the ancient world.

    • Anonymous

    Was this a multiple choice question? It looks like even if you get it wrong, you still get the money. Like those bankers in front of the treasury select committee.

  2. This looks like a hierocosphinx, a bird-headed one. Although that stately coat makes him look a little like Sam the eagle from The Muppets.