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Bearfaced tee


16/12/10 Shop
by Doug Kerr

Crazy sale madness alert – our two T-shirt designs are now half-priced to TEN QUID to clear. Pick yours up now to avoid a kick in the kneecasp on Christmas Day.

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The Biennial for Beginners, part 2

The Biennial for Beginners, part 2

Featuring music from The Good Natured, a look at Korean artist Yi Seong Gye, and a word from poet Ross Sutherland. Plus a few Mercy listings for this weekend More

Well, what do we do now?

E-zine 7

26/08/10 E-Zine
by Doug Kerr

Another new E-zine is up on the site, with fantastic new work from Matthew Smith, Tom Chivers, Paul Rafferty, Kathryn Cooper and Samuel Muir. Plus a poetry showcase from Fuselit More

The man wants to talk

E-zine 6

05/07/10 E-Zine
by Doug Kerr

Hey up, a new issue of our 12 Angry Zines collection is now live on the site and ready to be perused More

The Shipping Forecast

Portfolio action

21/05/10 News Agency
by Doug Kerr

We’ve spent the last few days bringing our portfolio right up to date (or close enough!), so have a swizz through it when you get a second. It includes our new work for Fiveeightzero’s new bar in Liverpool, The Shipping Forecast More