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Yuck 'N Yum #5

25/05/11 E-Zine

 Each issue contains two 500ish-word articles about different aspects of contemporary culture: one piece written by me, the other commissioned from someone else.

There’s never been any specific brief as such, and as a result the zine has covered a massively diverse range of cultural production over the past three years. A few examples would include the 19th century aesthete William Beckford and the seduction of a young boy, a tour round the atrocity museums of Hungary, the sadly missed Timperley comic Frank Sidebottom, the window displays of Harvey Nichols in Edinburgh during the credit crunch… all of these things are intrinsically related to art and all belong inside Yuck ‘n Yum.

I don’t think it’s the job of the zine to explain why such things might be good or bad, beautiful or ugly, or indeed art or non-art. That’s entirely up to the reader, and they can savour the exquisite taste or spit the rank slurry out in disgust.

A short selection of texts from the archive can be found below:

Ben Robinson: ‘Cut Hands Has The Solution: William Bennett and Afro Noise’

Nero Acrilico : I Wanna Fly Away

Jonathan Baxter : Words

Gayle Meikle : Terror Haza : Museums As Art