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Young Pines part deux introduce No Vacancy

22/02/12 Agency
by Gemma Germains

October last year saw Thom Isom, Will Daw, Christine Gore and Greg Gibson join forces
to start work on the second self-initiated project under Young Pines. Thom tells us about thier initial  thoughst and feelings on starting this project.

We had atough act to follow; after the release of the filthy and equally intriguing Dream of The
Fisherman's Wife from the first set of Pines there was a slight feeling of trepidation.
Could we push the boat out any further? Surely things couldn't get any dirtier...

The past few months have also seen a rise in interest locally; projects with Spiel,
LMH and an interview with local online magazine The Double Negative. This whole
collective of ours has certainly moved much faster than any of us could have

Between all these developments we've been organising our second project ‘No
Vacancy'. Based on the poetry of Greg Gibson we explore the story of an
overcrowded hotel and its residents; trapped in the aftermath of a disaster and
forced to take shelter. Through a series of illustrations, installations, video and
graphic art next month Wolstenholme Creative Space will host a one off exhibition of
work from Young Pines.

Over the next few weeks we'll be releasing a series of zines, artworks and dedicated
web space giving insight into the project; keep your eyes peeled and remember the
dates below.

We can't wait.

No Vacancy – 15th – 25th March

Private View – March 15th 6 – 9pm

Closing Event – March 23rd 7-11pm

Wolstenholme Creative Space