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Yearbooking baby... and other things

by Nick Holloway

It's hardly a new fad, but I couldn't help myself. They're not me without make-up, before you ask, but they are satisfyingly creepy (and, as one of Mercy pointed out, begging to be worked up into characters for 'Saved By The Bell - The Mutant Years'... I'll let you decide which one is the new Screech...)

And, last of all, my favourite: What do you get if you combine Bilbo Baggins (on Ring of Power cold turkey) with a hep and happening 1970s babelet?

Why, Ozzy Osborne of course.


    • Nick

    That's the Mekon, before he dropped out, started wearing t-shirts and hassling Dan Dare.

    • james h

    good work there.
    The 2nd left down looks like Ronald Reagan, 2rd left down like Tom Hanks.

  1. It's the T-800!

  2. Is the one on the third row a Terminator or one of the aliens from They Live! ?