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WIYRT#06 profiles: Karen McLeod

25/02/10 Friends
by Nathan Jones

More profiles on the artists we're working with on our next big show, Wave If You're Really There #06: Baptism. Today, performance artist Karen McLeod.

We've been working with Karen pretty much right through since WIYRT#02. She's been instrumental in setting the performance agenda for the events, taking the performances off stage and into the audiences - from the spooked bride, to the wool-clad earth-mother burying her hair in the yard, to the gagged-up insolent rave-child from our Future event.

For this show, Karen will be directing and devising with several professional performers, drawing on the vast network of themes around Baptism. The piece will be another Mercy site-specific commission, and promises a new level of immersion in arts for the audience.

Karen McLeod is a performance practitioner living and working out of the Bluecoat arts hub in Liverpool City Centre. She gained a BA in Drama at Edgehill University and went on to study an MA in The Visual Language of Performance at Wimbledon College of Art. She has trained physically in styles such as Decroux, Grotowski, Le coq and has just been introduced to Clown.

Here are some pictures of Karen at work in her latest incarnation.

If you haven't done do already, it is time. Get your ticktocks.