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Web minus 2.0

by Nick Holloway

Spotted in Mess cafe on Amherst Road, Hackney, on Saturday:
I'm torn whether to give Hamish a call and see if he can't give me a decent quote. On one hand, this note is handwritten: if he doesn't have a printer, how do I know he's even got a computer? His idea of a website might just be more of the above, a network of greasy London cafes my customers have to trawl in search of pages marked 'About', 'FAQ' and 'Contact Us'. On the other, he's certainly got the personal touch, an idiosyncratic approach that might set my site apart from 200 million others. And what the fuck do I know about web design? Here I am on a prefab jobbie provided by Blogger.

I was in London helping out at Mustard magazine, an indie comedy rag that's won praise from Michael Palin and Richard Herring among others. Editor Alex Musson, a sci-fi and comic book devotee as well as a comedy fanboy, has included an interview with creator of Watchmen, Alan Moore, in Mustard's soon-to-be-released fourth issue, so be sure to pick up a copy. Ooh, and Kathryn Cooper, one of the artists who joined Mercy for it's event at Tate Liverpool in December, is in it too!

Right, I'm off to wash pie and mash, chocolate cake, burrito, and my mate Dave's mojito, out of my jeans. And mirror this very public airing of my dirty laundry by listening to a spot of Private Trousers.


    • gary bramall

    such a small world! so got the link via Joe’s facebook, laughed at the post on this blog, but in a weird 9 degrees of seperation know hamish. He is the son of Ally Cappelino who we have been working with at apple for some time! small small world!

  1. Granted he’s not too shabby. I just enjoyed imagining the internet as a wild paper chase. Probably where the final clue would read "Error 404".

  2. Man, the odd thing is his site is not too shabby either. Not exactly Web 2.0, but a decent grasp of the basics for sure - not dissimilar to the attempts we made at the start of our careers. So is this handwritten note just an inspired piece of marketing? Well, we’re chatting about it on a blog aren’t we...