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The Typing Man

22/10/13 Live
by Nathan Jones

In many countries people have their letters typed for them in public spaces, outdoors. What might happen if the letter is not official business but a love letter, a letter to yourself in ten years' time, or perhaps a note to a long-lost pet? 

A day of performances and workshops to launch The Typing Man a dual language short story by A. T. Boyle, translated by Gul Turner. The book will be produced as a special edition with a silver block printed cover and will be available from the Bluecoat and online as an e-book.

Take part in this entirely unique Turkish and English book launch with its imaginative letter writing and promenades for all ages. Every event and workshop are free, but tickets are required.

at Central Library:
11.00 Short performance 
11.10 Workshop: Create an imaginative letter 

at the Bluecoat:
2.00 Explore - Short performance
 for Explore group with Letter Writing Theme 
2.10 Workshop: Create an imaginative letter

4.00 Performance 
4.30 Book Launch
5.00 Workshop: Create an imaginative letter 

The Typing Man was shortlisted in Mslexia's International Short Story awards 2012. The story will be launched in a special edition with dual language writing inspirations. 
Alison's full-length novel about the region's artificial silk industry 'from Pakistan to Preston', incorporating Urdu, was published last year. For more information on the author visit www.artificialsilk.org.

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