What we are up to

The truth is in there

by Nick Holloway

If you live in Liverpool you may have noticed that a large area of Sefton Park has been ringed of late by a high, impenetrable fence, leading to much head-scratching as to what the city council are up to. The sensible answer would be that it's part of improvement works started in the first half of 2008: rebuilding the bandstand, removing rubbish from the lake and draining some of the marshier areas. But someone clearly has other ideas...
I hope they've found an alien artefact in there. Perhaps whoever is in charge will heed this idea about the adaptive reuse of crashed starships, and turn whatever they've found into a new lodge for the park rangers. Or perhaps they're about to unleash havoc on Liverpool by waking something that's lain dormant for millions of years. My guess: space lobster.

I also discovered that some mysterious, Rothko-esque markings have appeared elsewhere on the fence:
A case of the subconscious art of graffiti removal, perhaps?


  1. You familiar with this fellow? It’s about 10 years or so old now; New York graffiti artist called Steve Powers who for a time went under the name of ESPO (Exterior Surface Painting Outreach). He’d basically show up at sites of graffiti in the daytime in a paper suit, and paint it all out, but subtly leave the shapes of the letters ESPO. If anyone ever asked what he was doing he’d just say "Oh, I’m with Exterior Surface Painting Outreach, I’m here to remove all the graffiti". Awes.


    • Anonymous

    I saw them laying big sturdy looking blue tubes in the ground there over the summer. Just assumed they were improving the mole facilities.