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The Southport Soup Kitchen

27/07/12 Agency
by Joseph Bramall

At the start of the year I started volunteering at The Southport Soup Kitchen. They are a registered charity and have been helping the homeless community in Southport since 2003. They also help families who find it hard to make ends meet by delivering food parcels to them. It's staffed by amazing people who help to bring joy and laughter to some of the people who need it the most.

I was approached by Esther (who also volunteers and is on the committee), after cutting up what felt like 1 million sausages, to help them raise their profile a little and to also help with an event they were putting on to celebrate the volunteers, raise awareness of their activities and to also act as an informative event for the general public.

The brief was to refresh the brand and produce a website, banners and invites for the event. They wanted to reflect the warm and often laughter filled atmosphere that they create in the Soup Kitchen at the weekends. We created a new logo and the strap line 'laughter is loudest where food is best', it's taken from an old Irish proverb. We then built a simple website using a responsive framework so that it could be used on any device. The website acts as a place for the Soup Kitchen to receive donations, sign people up as volunteers and to also spread the message for the service.

As well as working on the branding Matt helped to produce some brilliantly vibrant leaflets that were very cost effective to produce, we printed them on the photocopier using sugar paper which he then perforated by hand in the studio.

We will continue to volunteer at the Soup Kitchen and will continue to help them to raise their profile as it's value is priceless for everyone involved.