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The Nodes of Thamsanqa Jantjie

14/03/14 Live
by Nathan Jones

THE NODES.... is a "social-science fiction" for the North West of England. The play, written and devised by Mark Greenwood and Nathan Jones with a cohort of actors from Hope University, the play revisits iconic Liverpool 1980s culture through a radically dystopian vision of speech.

I could     have been     a footballer
But I     had         a paper round.
But I    misuse     a metrical beat
take out     a representative.     outperform development
infuse mouth

I         make        a      track
But I market public Liverpool
georgian city    
of a     better past.

The play can be seen on it's first reading at 8pm on Thursday 27th March, and again as part of the Syndrome launch at Kitchen Street on 26th April.