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The Intern Project. A Young Pines update from Emily Salinas.

08/08/11 Agency
by Gemma Germains

3 months down the line and there have been some exciting developments! After a few projects of collaborations between intern groups we decided to join forces as one ultimate super piney collective, inventively titled… Young Pines!

Mike, Milo, Svea and Michael are making progress with their erotic mythology project – their illustrated book has now been printed and the exhibition and magazines will accompany the launch in the autumn.

In other news, a few of the Pines have been involved in some promotional work for upcoming boutique festival Greetings from Beacons. Taking inspiration from the likes of Sagmeister we decided to use the camping setting as the basis for creating some environmental type.  Cue us getting cursed at by park guards as we try and explain that we’re creating art not vandalising! Luckily we charmed our way out of that one and, of course, cleaned up after ourselves.

With a limited/nonexistent budget we needed to create something that was low cost aswell as environmentally friendly. We decided upon some temporary typographical pieces on the fences in Sefton Park using masking tape, coloured card and plastic cups to spell out their tagline ‘Greetings from Beacons’.  We took photos of the resulting pieces and also created filmclips to show the process by reversing a film of us taking it down.

This was a really fantastic project to be involved in – not being confined to a room chained to a desk for one! But mostly creating some public art.  It was great having people come up to us and ask us about the project, some kids even got involved!

We‘re now looking forward to taking this to the festival itself and creating some live pieces on site.