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The Cooperative

23/08/10 Friends
by Nathan Jones

The Cooperative hub on Renshaw Street, in the old Rapid Paint Shop, features 11 visual arts exhibitions, and more than 15 performance events – with openings every Friday evening, and shows every Saturday night.

After hours of closed-door debate over how to identify ourselves to each other in the medium of the handshake, we've joined forces with six other Liverpool-based arts collective-y organisations to bring you The Cooperative - a new artist-run collective of collectives with a city centre space in the old paint shop on Renshaw Street, as a new strand of the Liverpool Biennial.

Our partners in crime are:

Lost Soul and Stranger Service Station, Jump Ship Rat, The Royal Standard, Sound Network, Red Wire,  and Arena Studios and Gallery. Together we represent the bulk of the resident-artist scene in Liverpool, and as a committee worthy of The Wire's drug-dealing 'meets' we've been putting together a delicious proposition to own this town.

The space will feature a weekly rolling exhibition programme openning with a new commission from Nicki McCubbing, a new text-based installation by Sam Skinner, a shop-front installation by public anarchists Jump Ship Rat, and a library of archival and portfolio material by artists based in Liverpool. Because we're involved it will also feature night after night of drunken falling about and linguistic fireworks, but that's for a different post!

Check the holding page for details, and please do get in touch if you'd like to help out, or you're interested in getting your work in the archive. Brrp.