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The 12 Labours Of Luke Kennard

by Nick Holloway

Make that more like one labour, done thirty times over: inspired by American National Poetry Month, former Mercy event headliner Luke Kennard has set himself the task of writing a poem a day for every day this month.

I've been trying to think which of the labours of Hercules this frenzy of writerly activity would most resemble if I had to pick one. I initially thought labour number five, cleaning the Augean Stables, but that would suggest Luke is scrabbling around in horse shit in search of a brilliant poem, which is tantamount to an insult. Then I hoped I could squeeze a shaky extended metaphor for his take-one-a-day-for-thirty-days dose of poetry medicine out of labour last-but-one, where Hercules encounters the hundred-headed dragon, Ladon (pronounced laid-on). But that would have just been an excuse to crowbar in a desperate pun on the dragon's name: "For your next challenge, Herc," the Gods called down from Mount Olympus, "We've Ladon a hundred-headed dragon". So, failing all that, I'll link to his blog, and let you see for yourself.

Luke isn't the only poet we know who's set himself an unenviable task this month. Mercy contributor, poet, musician and stand-up Tim Clare is at present putting his talents to the test on a tour of the UK's comedy clubs and open mic nights. He touches down in Liverpool tomorrow night at Rawhide Comedy Club (Royal Court Theatre, Roe St, 7.30pm, £3), so come trade licks, punchlines, sonnets or whatever you have to offer with him there. A full list of tour dates can be found on MySpace.