What we are up to

Syndrome Season 2

23/06/14 Live


phase 2

deeper into the realms of control

with new work from Holly Herndon, Apatt, Jamie Gledhill, Stafan Kazossoglou, Steven Fowler at 24 Kitchen Street.

Syndrome 2.0 
25th July

projection mapping live set 

plus Antonio Roberts and Rachel Sweeney: QWOP Dance
interactive glitch visuals and butoh inflected dance.

plus very special guests
plus new work from Mercy and The Hive Collective

@ 24 Kitchen Street

Syndrome 2.1 
August 21st

Jamie Gledhill  and Stefan Kazassoglou
an interactive space that responds visually and sonically to physical presence and movement in a similar way that a musical instrument responds to being played 

with Steven Fowler
martial art, voice and breath performance

The new room will also be available for play August 22nd – 24th.

@24 Kitchen Street

Syndrome 2.2
September 5th

Holly Herndon: live set
with support from The Hive Collective

@24 Kitchen Street


Syndrome 2.3

September 6th

Holly Herndon and Matt Dryhurst

Present results of a weeklong ambisonics residency

@ 24 Kitchen Street

Syndrome 2.4