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Syndrome final show THE HAPPY JUG

25/08/15 Live
by Nathan Jones

Syndrome are proud to present the finale of our 2014-15 programme exploring interactivity and affect ...

Sound, concrete, voice and animation-mapping star in

a post-human drama about brain trauma, thing theory and the general election

monoliths interpose themselves
to create a grippingly weird, heart-wrenching
theatre piece. a psycho-drama of high personal and political stakes

did the anointing of a totem change the past?
what anaesthetises the social body?
can you reprogram flesh?

a hyper-modern ensemble of verbatim dialogue
intra-diegesic voice and bass treatment by KEPLA set to motion-tracked
video composition by SIMON JONES and CHRIS BOYD
and MADELINE HALL’s concrete and plaster
as dramatic focal points, enacting
speculative philosophy and
... a small tube of superglue
like a lucky charm sits inside its chest ...

Premieres 8pm at 24 Kitchen Street.

Tickets available by donation

Syndrome was a programme of residencies and newly commissioned performance which explored the ways that technology interfaces the emotions of artists and audiences. It was funded by the National Lottery through Arts Council England’s Grants for the Arts, and by Liverpool City Council through the CIC fund. The programme to date has featured a new ambisonic work by US artists Holly Herndon and Matt Dryhurst, a motion responsive ‘cage’ for martial arts and sound by Jamie Gledhill, Stephan Kassozoglou and poet S.J. Fowler, and a public realm glitch-art and butoh dance work by Antonio Robert and Rachel Sweeney.

Throughout, the commissioning team at Mercy has been testing new approaches to screen apparatus, sound composition and audience interaction, which will culminate in this new collaboration with Liverpool-based artists. The performance is also trailed by a series of new print and video works by artist Sam Skinner.