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Running order for Spectres of Spectacle - 29th Sept @ Static

by Nathan Jones

This is the line-up, and a little bit about how it's going to work at Static for SPECTRES OF SPECTACLE for AND Festival.

*The event features a very high dynamic, from exclusive play of one-listen-only tracks from Forest Swords, accelerating to the punk-aesthetic vocal mania of Anat Ben David, through a dreamy, genre-blending hauntology-inflected music and multimedia backdrop. As ever, the night ends with an opportunity to dance and stuff your brain back into your head, washed down with whiskey.*

Victoria Gray
Will be performing a piece where she carries a vase with her voice emanating from it around the Ropewalks area of Liverpool

8.30pm Doors Open at Static
Ex-Easter Island Head
Installation in bar, featuring degraded vocal loops

Forest Swords, Ground Rhythms
An active listening experience. Forest Swords has created 3 tracks which will only ever be heard at this event. Inspired by oral histories of extinct places in Liverpool, the tracks have been cut onto xrays at Ted Riederer's Never Records installation, by Samizdat. Along with acting as a kind of fleeting aural trace of these places, the tracks also represent a new departure for Forest Swords ahead of his eagerly awaited second album release.
Ground Rhythms is accompanied by a newly commissioned graphical score by performer/writer Nathan Walker, available for purchase on the night.

DJ - La Racaille

Maria Minerva
Featuring tracks from her new Cabaret Cixous album.
"karaoke pop tunes, cheap New Age synth ballads, and ‘cellphone fidelity'... sometimes grotesque, sometimes ridiculous, sometimes seductive. What makes this special is its longing for undefined freedom, for a means of self-expression, an Easterner questioning the latest Western devices. Who in female pop is even asking such questions today?" The Wire

DJ - La Racaille

Anat Ben David, Turn your own radio on
The double status, the artist and the recorded/effected voice, a disturbance of voice from its origin, this is the haunted, it is the vocal- independent, gone astray, without a home, as the voice is released from the body origin, its infected- effected/recorded it becomes ethereal.

Live performances end
DJ - Happy Endings/Samizdat

1am/1.30am close