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Revolutions in Form #3

06/09/10 Live
by Nathan Jones

at the Bluecoat
Sunday 17th October, 9.00 – 11.00


Caroline Bergvall / Ross Sutherland / Laura Dockril / Hannah Silva

The third in Mercy's occasional series of language-in-performance events returns to its roots with four of the top practitioners of innovative poetry in performance – seeing out the Bluecoat's Chapter and Verse Literature Festival.

Caroline Bergvall
Feast on a weird and ill-assorted Euro-lingo: contemporary English co-exists with French, Middle English, some lost Latin, some altogether untraceable words, while direct quotes from Chaucer interrupt the BBC and other sources.

“Bergvall’s hybrid work . . . derives from post-punk music and sound poetry as well as from literary movements like Oulipo. Her sonic, verbal, and rhetorical devices are extremely sophisticated, encompassing Duchampian pun, phonemic bilingual (French-English) transfer, paragram, ideogram, allusion, and found text ... at once sexual and verbal.” Marjorie Perloff

Hannah Silva
Writer, performer and theatre maker whose distinctive style combines the physicality of theatre with fast-paced poetry and vocal gymnastics. She composes speech, choreographs language and exploits 'double tonguing' to create a unique form of spoken word performance.

‘One of the most ambitious & entertaining poets in the country' The Times

Laura Dockrill
Laura Dockrill is a poet and illustrator from South London. A graduate of The Brit School of Performing Arts, twenty-two year old Laura was named one of the top ten literary stars of 2008 according to The Times and voted Elle's top twenty faces to look out for in 2009. Her sassy and unique style makes her one of the most popular poetic voices in the UK.

“brimming over with ideas” The Independent


Ross Sutherland

Followers of Mercy's performance and publishing over the last few years will need no introduction to Ross. His work ranges from stand-up comedy, to film, to lyric poetry, always with a deep poetic integrity and progressive approach. For this show he will be presenting new AV work.

“With talent like this emerging, the future’s never looked so bright.” Hairline