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Recommended: Wave Machines / Tim Clare

by Nick Holloway

Double-whammy today as two of our favourite artists have got stuff hitting the shops. Wave Machines first: their new single, I Go I Go I Go is out today. Here's the video - obviously devised by a futurologist who, probably quite rightly, has assumed we'll be living in brightly lit cubes in the years yet to come, surviving off of nutrient jelly and with porcelain animals for pets:

Meanwhile Tim Clare, whose posts helped to get this blog off to such a cracking start, is celebrating the release of his book, We Can't All Be Astronauts. A memoir / discursive essay / self-deprecating lament about that 'one novel' everyone is supposed have inside of them, Tim will be reading from the book at the Book Club Boutique in London tonight.


    • Nathan Jones

    I brought it back, baby

    • Phil Communication

    A) Facial hair is well and truely back! Something Cliff Richard never had. Yes, I can picture all the holiday makers singing to a new tune on their way to Butlins or Devon or whatever on the M5 this year...

    B) Kitch Kunfusing (but i like it!)