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Poppaz-4-Life (and more)

by Nick Holloway

Yowser, just a quick note to say you should grab yourself this free mix by Poppaz-4-Life if you know what's good for ya!

The London-based DJ duo are, in their own words, "like Fathers-4-Justice, but with actual superheroes instead of a bunch of weekend dads in lycra". I'm not sure if that means one of them will soon be storming the Houses of Parliament, waving his favourite vinyl like an anarchist waving a black flag. Regardless, if you like the mix there's more where it came from on their Facebook page. News of gigs to follow in the coming weeks.

Ooh, now I think of it, it would be unfair to my schoolyard musical allegiances (circa 1992) to not mention something for the Neds after providing for the Ravers. Try this bunch of fuzzy Californian rockers who play in Manchester tonight: Wavves. The gig's at Saki bar on Wilmslow Road at 8pm, after which the band head off to Glasgow, Leeds and London. California seems to churn out this kind of messy, mental lo-fi with satisfying regularity (see: The Hospitals | Silver Daggers ), so get down do.