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Piñata, or Piñauto?

by Nick Holloway

Rooting around in an old photo album I saw a new possibility for getting people involved in the government's scrappage scheme, courtesy of an event that took place at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art in Toronto in 2007:

In a variation on the party game, participants were to smash up an old car decorated with brightly coloured pom-poms.

^ This guy's body language is priceless, like he just stepped out of a bar to find someone smashing up his Buick.

These events could happen up and down the UK. The street party, Blitz spirit atmosphere is just what we need to get people really behind the idea of saving the British car industry. Granted it's not - as the video shows - as efficient as getting a car crushing machine to do the work for you. But with the added extra of tequila and tortilla chips, who's complaining?