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17/09/12 Agency
by Gemma Germains

I did a quick Google to see just how many agencies invite you to 'pop in for a cup of tea.'

You know what- there's loads of them and I bet my eldest (and favourite by far) child that you'd be met with an icy reception if you did turn up with your favourite mug and a pack of Bourbons. 

A couple of months back some students from German actually did just pop in for a chat. Completely unannounced. Thankfully I was feeling pretty skivey that day and decided to spend the afternoon eating biscuits and shooting the breeze. 

When we'd finally run out of inspirational design advice we nipped off to JohnMoores where Ian Mitchell, Programme Leader, Graphic Arts took us all on an impromptu tour of the university. Don't let it ever be said that Liverpool's design industry doesn't love a good chat or a good skive. 

Anyway, Vera, Jule and Lisa wrote a cracking blog about their afternoon with Mercy. Some of the details got a bit lost in translation but that's cool, its just really inspiring to see design students having the confidence to rock up and ask interesting questions. 

So, while this isn't an invitation for the world and his wife to hit our buzzer on their way home from JMU, it sort of is as well. Time it right, bring some biscuits and we'll be your mates forever.