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On the Lamb

by Nick Holloway

Just a quick note to say our pals Wave Machines are in session on George Lamb's 6 Music show today, at approximately 11.40am. It means listening to Lamb and his endless torrents of sub-Russell Brand dirge, sadly, but it will surely be worth it to hear the lads in action.

News from the murky world of the press: After previously singing their praises, NME did an about-face and called the band 'pretentious' in a recent article. I'm siding with the much more sage comic book- and script-writing legend, Warren Ellis, on that point:

"We're deathly afraid of that stabbing word "pretentious," the word that students use to curse each other's ambition. It's a young person's word, a shortcut-to-thinking word. I'm a big fan of pretension. It means "an aspiration or intention that may or may not reach fulfillment." It doesn't mean failing upward. It means trying to exceed your grasp. Which is how things grow."

Nuff said.

Here's the link if you want to listen, they're sure to be playing new single I Go I Go I Go, released on June 8th, along with a few other gems from their imminently released debut album, Wave If You're Really There. The session will be on iplayer for seven days after the show. Step to it!


  1. God the NME love a good about-turn. I'm still laughing at last year's Wombats front cover piece that simultaneously ran a sidebar of why they are such a stain on our charts.

    Predictably, Lamb is on utterly abysmal form. As Nathan says though: his acting a dick means he is 'raising Wave machines beyond dickhood'. A net gain for our fair friends!