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30/05/09 News
by Joseph Bramall

Our week is getting very surreal. Last night, regular Mercy performer Luke Wright sat in on the Newsnight Review sofas to chat poetry with, amongst others, Simon Armitage (he himself the veteran of two Mercy shows at FACT back in the day). There was a report featuring footage from Homework in London, featuring bits of verse from the likes of Ross Sutherland and Chris Hicks, and our very own Nathan was spotted stroking his beard. Then, wonder of wonders, DAMIEN LEWIS read the title poem from the book we designed for Ross last year, 'Things To Do Before You Leave Town'. Meantime, the soundtrack to the whole report? Our live partners in crime Wave Machines. Thank the Lord it's on so late, we needed a lie down afterward. You'll be able to catch it on BBC's iPlayer this week, part of the BBC's strong poetry season.