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13/02/09 Agency
by Joseph Bramall

Kicking the Credit Crunch where it hurts, it's been all systems go since we opened our new offices. We've been looking after the identity and promo stuff for a new band based in Liverpool, The Cocabelles. Full website to launch end of this month (link below). We also took care of German band Ludwig van's new identity (link below). Wunderbar. We've just signed off the branding for London-based culture & commerce marketing company Lost Art, and it's our favourite job for quite some time. Check the geometric vibes in the portfolio. Lastly, director Doug Kerr and sometime Mercy collaborator Ross Sutherland have begun to write one of those flimsy-premise Christmas gift books. We won't give away too much yet, but keep checking the Mercy blog for news on how the pitch goes, and advance samples of the content. That's all for now folks.