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Nathan Mercy = Poet in Residence at The Bluecoat

17/06/09 News
by Joseph Bramall

Imagine having your very own poet around the house, generally spraffing off in couplets and re-interpreting your whole internal and external life for all and sundry to see. Got it? Lush, right? Well, that's *kind of* what the Bluecoat - Liverpool's oldest public building, and top cultural hub - have gone and got themselves. Mercy-style. In another staging post of Mercy's cultural saturation of the UK, our Creative Director Nathan Jones will be part-time resident at the Bluecoat for a year, working with visiting artists, the curatorial team and the public on a fresh new approach to the role of the poet in contemporary arts. The residency starts on 1st July. You can see how he's getting on on his new blog (link below), and check out what he'll have to contend with on the Bluecoat's own website (link below).