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Midnight Special #1 - Michael Mayhew

26/08/10 Live

For the first in our  Midnight Special series - exposing new language in performance at the Liverpool Biennial - on Saturday 18th September, 20.30 - 00.00 supported by Diesel and Arts Council England - Mercy are delighted to be hosting the provocative, influential live artist Michael Mayhew


There is no war.There is no terror.There is no murder.There is no poverty.There is no starvation.There is no disease.There is no pain.There is no corruption.There is no sadness.There is no ecological disaster.There is no cancer.There is no plight.There is no robbery.There is no danger.There is no stress.There is no loss.There is no drowning.There is no plague.There is no fear.There is no crime.There is no tragedy.There is no trauma. There is no memory.

There is no title.

There is just me.

Artist Michael Mayhew presents new work.

To do this work blood has been exchanged for money /
Money exchanged for blood.

Exchanges of ideas / concepts / statements
Neutrality and history
A country
            That being Switzerland
Shock / After Shock
Impotence & Terror
Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Israel
Everyone but ourselves.
Your admittance is free /

I just request that you stay for the duration of this performance
1930hrs > 00:00hrs
                                 Tea will be served

Michael Mayhew is cited as being ‘One of the most original and searching artists currently working in the UK’  (John E McGrath. Director National Theatre of Wales.)

Working for over 2 decades Mayhew has often been at the forefront of developing new processes, his approaches have been sited as “provocative, challenging” “it also moves people and changes people’s lives, and it's important, significant, and influential.” (Lois Keidan Director of Live Art Development Agency.)

The performance is at The Cooperative space, Old Paint Shop, Renshaw Street, Liverpool.

To reserve tickets send an email to nathan@mercyonline.co.uk