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Mercy present a Manifesto of Island Art

19/04/11 Agency

17th May at 6pm - BBQ round ours!
26 Hope Street.

Within the context of a North of England beach party, fully equipped with deck chairs, warm larger and sausage baps, our Nathan Jones will develop a 'manifesto' of sorts for Islanders at Mercy's new premises. Elements for the manifesto will be drawn from a mixture of texts, including Mercy's previous artistic statements and funding applications, philosophical texts concerning the ownership of space, and the terms and conditions sections from well-known social networking sites (the 'free space' of contemporary culture). Visitors to this temporary creative oasis will make a map out of illustrative lines drawn on the back of cards containing these texts, unwittingly 'building' the manifesto, or contract, by doing so. Improvised performance and the randomised proceedings will lead to spontaneous and beautiful outcomes.

If you fancy a burger and a drink as well as a tour of the new studio and a listen to Nathan then you need to quick step down to the Diesel shop in The Met Quarter to collect a passport. Better still, if you get your passport stamped at our event you can attend a very special (free booze) party at The Shipping Forecast on the 25th May.