What we are up to

The Mercy Intern project. A Young Pines update from Michael Cottage.

by Gemma Germains

During the first half of my internship at Mercy I have been very lucky to meet and work with some talented and lovely people. Working on our brief of 'erotic mythology' has meant I have grown used to looking at sexy pictures of both humans and mythical creatures alike and reading excessive amounts of steamy fiction. My main role within the project so far has been drawing pictures that my mum wouldn't really approve of, to sit along side written contributions of both poetry and short fiction. From early on, we decided we should extend a call for submissions, sending emails to friends and contacts to get involved. This meant we could produce a far more substantial collection of filth. From our initial idea of creating a quite literal mythical porn magazine, with all the tacky bells and whistles of a 70's top shelf publication, the project has blossomed in to what is now a classy collection of mythical erotica - and quite lovely it is too.

Looking forward to the second half of the internship and beyond, I am extremely excited to see how we will grow as a group and also what we've done so far may become. With the aim to produce a zine, which can be distributed to local bars and venues and quite possibly some local retailers, I am now very much looking forward to producing more content with a slightly different tone. Also creating limited edition prints and other merchandise means plenty more work and therefore a lot more rudeness. I can't wait to see what happens. Hopefully we won't stop there, and may we carry on working together on more exciting projects in the future.