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Please help us support out greedy interns.

05/07/11 Agency
by Gemma Germains

Since June we've been working with a team of 12 interns to programme a year of projects, that will help them to develop as creative professionals. We've given them budget to create their own projects, are helping them set up their own studio, finding them paying commissions and will be delivering a series of professional development lecture

But they're not happy. They want more.

They've now decided that our poxy budget just isn't enough for their greedy fat faces and if they're to produce the kind of beautiful creative work that is a true representation of their mad skills, then we need to help them find a further £500.

So, like the suckling pig that milks the sow dry, we're here, cap in hand begging you for £2 to help them realise their dreams for creative domination.

You can donate here. Please help us to help them to help you.