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Mercy at the Liverpool Embassy - Double Take

31/03/11 Agency
by Nathan Jones

Mercy were invited to bring an art show to The Liverpool Embassy in London - we responded with Double Take, a show designed to reflect Liverpool's status as a city that's instantly recognisable and demands a second look! It was fun - and pleasing to turn around something that worked at just a week's notice.

In attendence at the Embassy was the King of Liverpool, the Prime-Minister of L8 and the Prince of Aigburth, as well as a role-call of infinitely rich cultural investors who bought my shirt off me. 

The work we took was some of the most striking stuff we've seen recently in our city - images from Scott Spencer, Laurence Payot's statue, a few statue-dolls from Nicki McCubbing, and a showing of Emily Speed's Cardboard Folly #1.

We also took the oportunity to do some gorgeous print in-house.  We have actually got a few of these posters left over, so do get in touch if you'd like one - they don't really show up on onscreen images, but they feature a nice text-setting for a phrase from philospher De Certeu, 'The Metaphorical City Slips into the Text of the Readable City'. Hmmm.

Thanks to ACME, Liverpool Vision and Liverpool Embassy for having us.