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Mercy and Liverpool Biennial 2012

22/05/12 Live

Mercy are working in partnership with Liverpool Biennial 2012 to produce an international weekend of voice, noise and glitch poetics as part of our EVP strand. The Electronic Voice Phenomena weekend will be on 5-7th October and also include contribution from performance curators The Red Ape and music programmers Deep Hedonia.

The weekend will feature performance and talks from world-class voice/poetics practitioners from outside the UK, and new commissions from the UK cross-disciplinary avant garde poetics. The Electronic Voice Phenomena weekend takes its name and inspiration from Konstantin Raudive's 1970s experiments into the phenomenon of hearing 'voices from beyond' in electronic interference - relating to Liverpool Biennial's central theme of Hospitality, through the notion of the body/interface becoming host to paranormal forces, and Serres' notion of noise itself as a parasite of message.

This idea is the starting point for a broad investigation of the potentials and implications of technology in performance and writing practice - hopefully forming an instigation to open discourse on the implications of tech as arbeter between artist and muse.

Concurrent with the central activity, The Red Ape will be curating a public realm programme of durational work on the inter-related theme of the Augur, revisiting the role of the artist are interpreter, prophet and social-leader, in the context of paranormal powers - and looking to the role of the audience in interpreting the movement of the 'spontaneously arising' artwork.

This will be the third festival running Mercy's work has featured in the Liverpool Biennial [previous activity in 2008 and 2010], but the first time we have worked in partnership with them on programming and curation activity. This weekend follows on from our EVP event at the Bluecoat last year, and a showcase at Cafe Oto on 31st May, and we are just putting the finishing touches to a proposal for a national tour of new work with Penned in the Margins, on the EVP theme.

As well as the Electronic Voice Phenomena weekend, we will also be relaunching our lauded podcast series in partnership with Liverpool Biennial. They'll be co-hosted by Vanessa Bartlett and a range of art-writers and cultural bigwigs from around and about.

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