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Mark Greenwood LAD BROKE. Images.

23/04/12 Live
by Nathan Jones

It was a privilege to be involved in this hugely complex performance, in which Mark became a cipher for a series of actions which produced an evolving tableaux with a baroque of significance - from the entrapment of addition, to the beauty and ephemeral nature of coincidence.

Ending with the unadorned inscription of LAD onto his chest with a razor and smeering BROKE onto the wall with a cut finger before an improvised mauselium of betting-pen and burst balloon roses in dog-food cans full of piss,  the performance really spoke to me of an art-without-pretense, without craft, revealing the sublime nature of even the most sinister act or random coincidence.

Across 48 hours, Mark turned a simple task - writing horse racing results on betting slips and pinning them onto a web of elastic banded strung across the room - into a deep philosophical labour which is going to take some time to fully assimilate.  I'll produce a piece of writing soon, but just wanted to get in now and thank Mark himself, and Camp and Furnace for the use of the space - and to stick up some mobile-phone images of the work.

We're working on a video-documentation of the peice with Sam Meech also (his blog on the process here), so watch this space.

Our first blog on the work here.