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Light 'em up (part two)

by Nick Holloway

That's right, giant Tetris! The only time I normally see giant Tetris is in my nightmares.

I was shown this video after my post about turning the Travelodge in Liverpool into a giant video screen. The stunt was performed by rigging different coloured lights behind the windows of the Mikontalo building at Tampere University of Technology in Finland. The result was a 'screen' with a resolution of 9 x 11 - not a lot, but enough for simple images, and certainly enough for the guy who had to walk up and down an 11-storey building screwing in the bulbs. Perhaps the answer to the question 'How many Finns does it take to change a lightbulb?' lies therein - one, providing he's got calves of steel and can take stairs three at a time.


  1. Check this out (if you’ve not seen it before):
    This group did a number of similar such projects with buildings in Berlin a while back. I love it.