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Light 'em up

by Nick Holloway

Does everyone out there have an idea what they want to do for a living? A proper career, I mean. The kind that when people ask at parties, you can mug, "Oh yes, I'm a so and so, it's really not as exciting as people think," then laugh into your wine and feel pleased with yourself.

I'm fickle. I watch a film, I want to be a film maker. Read a book, I want to be a novelist. And so on and so on. So it was natural that after I saw this at the Audiovision festival in Liverpool last year...
...I began to have delusions of doing something similar.

Here's a building in Liverpool I thought would be perfect to work with:
...except, instead of projecting onto it, you could put a light behind each window, wire them up a microprocessor that will switch them on and off in a predetermined sequence and - voila, we've got ourselves a giant, lo-res video screen.

I mentioned this to my cousin, who took the wind out of my sails with this project (called Stereoscope) that took place in Toronto last year:

Which just goes to show: if you think have a good idea, someone else has had it first.